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I have experience of working with people suffering from a range of difficulties including: ​

​-Sense of belonging


- Relationships (for the individual, in couples and in polyamorous relationships)

- Low mood and depression


- Traumatic and adverse experiences

- Sexual, physical and emotional abuse

- Low self-esteem or self-confidence

- Bereavement and loss

My training in Clinical Psychology initially focused on psychological theories and counselling skills, to then continuing with a MSc within a Psychodynamic frame.

If you want to learn more about Psychodynamic Psychology, this

article can be helpful.

My training in Relational Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy has been focused on the importance of affective, co-creative, conscious and unconscious relational interactions as a primary means of growth, change and transformation.

If you want to learn more about Relational Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, this article can be helpful. 

My training as Lebens- und Sozialberatung (Life and Social Counselling), allows me to support clients with a more goal-oriented focus, specifically around issues with professional life, relational dynamics and personal aspirations.​

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