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Having lived in several countries, allowed me to attend different trainings and obtain multiple qualifications that provides me the possibility to integrate and combine skills, languages and approaches.

I grew up in Italy, where Psychotherapy is regarded as a specialization for Doctors and Clinical Psychologists. Therefore, in order to become a psychotherapist, you need to complete 5 years of Medicine or Clinical Psychology + 5 years of specialization in Psychotherapy.

I have completed my studies in Clinical Psychology in Italy (University of Milan and Turin) and the required 18 months of practice between Italy and Portugal. 

I then moved to London, where I started working in the National Health System and for a charity called Mind.

Soon after moving, I started my 5-year training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and I opened up my private practice in East London.

I recently moved to Salzburg, where I obtained the qualification as Lebens- und Sozialberatin (Life and Social Counsellor).


​​​I have studied and worked in the mental health field for 12 years, providing psychological support to adults in different settings, from hospital wards, to rehabilitation centres to private practice.

I currently work both in private practice and at The School of Life, a company that offers psychotherapy internationally.

I provide both short and long term work for individuals, couples and groups.

I adhere to the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) of Ethics and am a member of this organisation.

I am committed to my personal development as a practitioner: I attend regular clinical supervision to support my work. ​

 ° Diploma in Lebens- und Sozialberatung (Life and Social Counselling), Austria GISA- Zahl: 34859575 (Austria).


 ° Certified Transactional Analyst - European Association for Transactional Analysis.


 ° M.Sc Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy - Metanoia Institute - Middlesex University, UK.

    UKCP accreditation number: 2011168909.


 ° Clinical Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy - Metanoia Institute, London.


 ° M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology - University of Turin, Italy. ​

 ° B.Sc. in Counselling Psychology - University of Milan Bicocca, Italy. 

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