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​ If you are looking for a space where you can talk to someone about your feelings, thoughts or behaviours, I’m here to listen.

If you’ve decided you would like to receive psychological support, the first step is to contact me.

This can be via email (please see box below). I aim to respond within 48 hours.

We'll be able to discussing via email or with a brief phone call what you'd like help with and schedule an initial meeting (online or in person).

The first appointment will be a consultation, to discuss your needs and how I can best help you.

Following from that, we can decide together whether we continue or explore other options for you.

Article by Esther Perel on 'How to find the right therapist for you'

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

I offer psychological support to adults that would like to increase their self-awareness and are looking for support through life transitions. I aim to offer a non-judgemental and safe space to explore past and present events to find meaning and work towards an enhanced experience of authenticity, agency and autonomy.

Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy

If you're struggling in your relationship or you'd like to improve the communication with your partner, counselling can help you talk through what's going on and support you through relational positive changes.

You can come to relationship counselling alone or with a partner or partners.

Open to all kinds of relationships: married, living together, LGBTQI+, non-monogamous, polyamory - I’m here to offer a non-judgemental supportive space to help you strengthen your relationships.

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